Bliss of struggle

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Bliss of struggle – Short film 

Directed & written by: Buster Jonsson
Editor: Buster Jønsson
Produced by: NC Sixhøj
Executive producer: kristian ussing anderssen
Production maneger
DOP: Nikolaj Jungersen
1-AC: Jonas Møller
1ad: kasper kirtsner
SFX: Rebber Kobberbjerg
Sounddesign: Buster Jonsson
sound mix:
Colorgrading: Nikolaj Jungersen
Composed by: Buster Jonsson

He can beat everybody except his past.
A young boxer fights in the present, but struggles with his past.
He is haunted by a figure from his past, a figure that gives him strength to overcome the physical obstacles that he is facing, but at the prize of his mental well being.